About Us

Kentainers Ltd is a known manufacture of polyethylene Roto/Injection molded products under the brand KENTANK. Kentank is a household name and Kenya´s premium leading brand for Water Tanks Storage, food and grain. The company additionally manufactures a spectrum of products spread across different home and commercial applications in different sectors like biogas digesters, dry sanitation off grid toilets among others products.

Since Kentainers Ltd was founded in 1989,Our primary focus has been in the design and development, we have strived to deliver continuous practical ,affordable products innovation and a countrywide distribution network that makes water management, food production/storage, renewable energy and clean sanitation a reality for both rural and urban consumers across the country.

The company´s product range goes beyond just water storage tanks and extends into Institutional products, Energy & agricultural solutions, Sanitation products, transportation Products , Industrial material handling products & Construction products among many others.

We occupy a 300,000 sqft manufacturing plant located in NAIROBI GATE OFF EASTERN BYPASS that employs over 200 permanent staff. Our American technology allows us to manufacture over 600 tanks a day that converts to a daily water storage capacity of over 1.8 Million liters.

Our Vision

Enriching peoples’ lives by enabling every household to access clean water; food production security; store renewable energy; and practice safe sanitation.

Our Mission

We are guided by our desire to provide the communities in our region with better and longer lasting solutions for their water, food security, energy and sanitation needs.

Our Core Values & Purpose

  • Innovations that serve the basic needs of, and are transformational for, our people, institutions and enterprises and yet are affordable, appropriate, sustainable, long lasting and readily available everywhere
  • Unequivocal excellence in reputation and in all aspects of the Company
  • Encouraging individual creativity and initiative and hard work
  • To be part of a major undertaking to transform lives and livelihoods of our people, especially in the fields of basic needs.

Our Factory

The factory was on its inception occupying about 150,000 manufacturing plant square Plant with a capacity of producing 300 tanks a day that coverts to 600,000litres daily. However, with more effort and focus the factory has undergone tremendous growth to 300,000 square feet Manufacturing plant. This has tripled the production capacity from 600,000 to 1.8 Million Liters daily that translates to 600 Tanks daily.

Our Group

Since Kentainers was founded and incorporated in 1988. It acquired its technology from the USA and supplemented it subsequently with polymer foaming technology from Norway. The company has always strived to deliver continuous product innovation, practical & affordable products across the country.

Its countrywide distribution network has made its products available everywhere in the country. That has made water management, food production and storage, renewable energy and clean sanitation a reality for both rural and urban consumers across the country.

The company’s product range goes beyond just water storage tanks and extends into school furniture, transport pallets, material handling products & road barriers among many others.

Aquasantec Group

AQUASANTEC INTERNATIONAL GROUP of companies  recognized the urgent need for affordable yet reliable water & sanitation solutions in east Africa. What started as kentainers ltd to cater solely for Kenyan market has fully grown to a brand and rebranded itself to ASTI.

The group has evolved to become the region’s reality with Manufacturing plants in Kenya the brand kentank, Uganda the brand Crestanks, Zambia and Rwanda under Afritank Brand. The group has employed over 1000 employees spread across the respective companies in each country.

We are the market leader in water and sanitation solutions in EAST & WEST AFRICA. Our innovative products and solutions have helped millions of people in the countries the group got presence gain access to clean water.

The group  pioneered blow-making technology for faster production for water tanks and industrial products in the region. This new technology has enabled all our subsidiary companies in the respective countries to produce new products with technical precisions to meet the high standards demanded by the customers.

Additionally, this has tremendously increased our productions capacities in each country from 50-600 tanks a day which multiplies to 1.8 Million liters daily.

The group has 5 main products segments i.e. water tanks & storage, Agriculture Sanitation and material handling. Each of this segments are presented with top of the line edge brands that provide the most effective solutions to improve the quality of life and enriching the regions.

The main objective of the group is to increase the focus on reaching the end use by providing innovative solutions for a lasting prosperity.