St. Monica Special School-Embu

St. Monica Special School -Embu

At Kentainers we recognize that corporate Social Responsibility are of importance to our stakeholders and are fundamental to the continued success thereby enriching peoples’ lives and enabling every household to access clean water, practice safe sanitation and vastly broadening our reach to the community as part of achieving massive awareness amongst the population with our innovative long lasting solutions.

Our objective is to exercise our goal of being responsible corporate entity by giving back to the community and encourage a positive impact through CSR activities to our employees, customers, community, the environment and also encouraging our staff to take part in Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives aimed at improving lives of the communities.

The key focus pillars for the CSR initiatives are water conservation, education and health.

Kentainers would like to focus on the key 4 areas of CSR are:

1)      Social – Accountability & Community Awareness

2)      Environment – Environmental protection & Sustainability

3)      Work place – Integrity & Ethics, Employee Engagement

4)      Marketplace – Governance & Economic responsibility

For the first quarter, on 13th April 2023 , we had a privilege to visit St Monica special school for the intellectually challenged learners for CSR activity in association with impact water. The school received water tank, drums, k-pots and school bags.