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Handwash -This additional product is from our sanitation family products. The innovation idea was driven by the need during Covid Pandemic that affected the entire world. With its elegantly collective products, its your sure bet on handwashing needs.

The product has gone through a lot of improvement to include touchless  water activation when in use-The pedal handwash.

Its available both with(touchless) and without pedals

The drum, tanks and Kpot making the handwash complete has been made from food grade polyethylene that is inert to almost all acids, alkalis, chemicals and oils and suitable for use in food and pharmaceutical industries. The material is stabilized against the harmful effects of sunlight hence enabling a long term outdoor usage.


  • No hand contact
  • Maintains hygiene
  • Easy to use and operate Available in 30,60,100L & 200 Liters
  • Supplied with tap, basin, pipe & 20L collection bucket
  • Available in Mild and Stainless steel stands


  • Homes & Schools
  • Any institution or organizations
  • Any camp
  • Any offices
  • Any church or Mosque

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